What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Banksy & Eminem

Eminem is a “rap god,” whereas Banksy goes for broke in NYC.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? Banksy sale, Hopkins hails, Wolverine flails, tree legs unveiled and Eminem regales. Here’s the week in viral:


Banksy Sells His Art On The Streets Of NYC For $60

If you bought one of these, you’re now rich.  0_0


Anthony Hopkins Sent Bryan Cranston And The Cast Of Breaking Bad A Fan Letter


…and most amazingly of all, he managed to avoid ending spoilers. [More]


Ex-Men: Wolverine

He’ll get over it. After all, he has a healing factor.


“What Do You Think Of My New Pants?”


Nice trunks. [via]


Eminem – “Rap God”

Will the real Slim Deity please stand up?


See you next time for more linking and rapping.


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