7 Funny Videos About The Power Glove

It’s so bad. So very, very bad.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Nintendo has created some very innovative gaming devices over the years, from the Wiimote to the original Game Boy. They’ve also created some very memorable failures, like the headache machine they called Virtual Boy and the Power Glove, a bulky game controller that never worked right, but looked awesome in the movie The Wizard. Here are 7 funny videos about the Power Glove:


NES Power Glove Commercial

The Power Glove made me one with Punch Out!! That’s how King Hippo gave me a concussion last week.


The Wizard – “I Love The Power Glove”

Sunglasses. Power Glove. Rad Racer. Scientifically speaking, Lucas was the coolest kid ever.


The Power Glove (Lucas’ Theme)

This should have been in the actual movie’s end credits.


Freddy Krueger Loves The Power Glove

Also: murder!


Nintendo Power Glove – Rap Tribute

I share the frustrations they’re expressing in song-form.


A Most Unreliable Device

I remember the Power Glove being buggy, but…


The Angry Video Game Nerd Reviews The Power Glove

Only the power of a glove can enhance one’s expletive-shouting abilities.


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