4th and Goal: Week 14

4 Questions regarding the upcoming Sunday of games.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Tebow truly is a blessed man, isn't he?

I can't tell if he is truly a blessed man or not but if I had to put my finger on something about him, then I would say he's one of the luckiest SOB's out there. Don't believe me, just look at his game with Chicago this week. In a matchup that would, and still will, prove to be difficult for him to put up many points, he gets the added benefit of not having to because the Bears will be without both their starting QB but also without their best offensive weapon, Matt Forte. Denver may end up winning this game and their division only to have to face a potential 13-3 Steelers team in the first round. We will see how blessed he is then, won't we?


Who is going to step up in the NFC East?

At this point in the game, the NFC East is starting to look like the NFC West from a year ago, nobody wants to step up and win it. We have the Giants, who just can't seem to win much in the second half of the season and the Cowboys, who, ices their own kicker to lose a game. I would still say it's Dallas's Division to lose but don't ask me to put any money on it.


Can Cincinnati rebound against Houston?

This is a make or break game for the Bengals if they want to have any hope of advancing to the playoffs. They are vieing for that second wild card slot with the Titans, Raiders/Broncos, and the Jets and can't afford to slip any more than they have. Unfortunately, I think that Houston is finally finding a winning identity now that they are stop trying to be the Patriots and the Packers. No, they will lose this week.


What is the game of the week?

For sheer importance value, I would go either Houston at Cincinnati or NYGiants at Dallas. Both these games are pivotal in deciding playoff spots with maybe the NFC East showdown holding a slight edge. At this stage of the season, it's all about the positioning and the stretch run and these four teams are all in win now baby mode bug time. The greatest thing about desperation is that when it rears it's ugly head in the NFL, we usually get to see some good football.