BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD 8-13 & 8-14 ‘Copy Machine’ & ‘Holding’

Beavis gets stuck while copying his butt before the guys visit a porno shoot.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Titles: "Copy Machine" & "Holding"

Writer: Mike Judge

Director: Mike Judge

It's become apparent that some of the chaos left in the wake of Beavis and Butt-Head isn't entirely their fault. By no means does this absolve them of the horribly moronic things that they do. But by now, the people who know them have to be familiar with the duo's unrelenting stupidity… and yet they seem to expect things to play out differently.

In "Copy Machine," Coach Buzzcut is well aware of Beavis' proclivity towards copying his butt and he explicitly orders him not to do it. However, Buzzcut still assigns Beavis and Butt-Head the delicate task of copying the "empathy worksheets" for the class. There were any number of other students that Buzzcut could have called upon, but he still picked them.

For his part, Beavis gamely tries to remember "Do not copy my Butt" by repeating it out loud. As we've seen before, Beavis has a small brain at best and he clearly can't handle too much information. If "Do not copy my Butt" had more than five words he probably would have forgotten how to breath while retaining that extra info. And soon enough, Beavis' manic mind turns the mantra into "Copy my butt! Copy my butt!"

The slightly more intelligent Butt-Head proves to be an enabler when he urges Beavis to copy his butt and then he laughs when Beavis' butt crashes through the copy window glass. Naturally this leads to an emergency at the high school. For without the lone copy machine, one of the teachers remarks "You risk 30 kids in my class failing a standardized test!" Oh… and Beavis may have injured his femoral artery; which could threaten his life.

Since our protagonists aren't capable of appreciating the irony of the situation, Mike Judge lets the viewers come to their own conclusions about the overly dramatic news reporter, Jim Baxley who tries to sell the audience on the life or death stakes. The apathetic teachers are also drolly more interested in getting their copy machine working than in any safety concerns for Beavis. Even Butt-Head hilariously endorses the idea of cutting through Beavis to get to the copy machine. 

It's Butt-Head's complete disregard for his friend that ultimately frees Beavis from the machine with mere lacerations to his butt. Beavis even gets sewn up by a firefighter while Baxley tries to hype the drama one last time and the Principal threatens Beavis with expulsion if he ever copies his butt again.

So what happens seconds later? Beavis tries to copy his butt again to check out his stitches… and he gets trapped in the machine again. Of course, Butt-Head goaded him into doing it again, however Beavis has no one to blame but himself.

In the second episode, "Holding," the dim witted duo do their best Jay and Silent Bob impression while loitering outside of a convenience store. While doing nothing, they are happened upon by Crystal and Sapphire, two young women who may have topped Beavis and Butt-Head in sheer stupidity. The girls think that the duo are "holding" drugs, and they escort them back to the set of their adult film.

Sure, Beavis and Butt-Head are more than a little gullible for thinking that this will be when they finally get to score. But Sapphire is so dangerously dumb that she leaves the driver's seat while the van rolls through traffic just to get a sample of their drugs. By the time they end up on the set, it's clear that Crystal and Sapphire are even more damaged than the titular duo. The set in question appears to be a converted garage, where Gary, a young man in his '20s is preparing to film an adult film while his mom in the next room is continually trying to ingratiate herself with her son while remaining oblivious to what he's doing.

Welcomed by Gary as the stars of the hour,  Butt-Head gets the line of the night "Whoa! These guys already know we're porn stars!" Everything breaks down into an argument between Gary and his cast and crew when it becomes apparent that Beavis and Butt-Head have no drugs. Hysterically, the duo assume that that this the story part of the porno film. Moments later, the cops burst through the front door and Gary is able to truthfully tell them that they are filming an adult movie with consensual adults and no drugs.

At least until Beavis and Butt-Head stand up to protest the horrible story and dialog of their porno and ask to get to the part where they get to be porn stars. The cop notes that their names sound like porn alias to him and he arrests everyone there for using underage performers, including Gary's mother.

There's actually something very sad about the way Gary treats his mother and the way she's carted off to jail. It's not that Gary and his friends were in any way sympathetic, but the sense of desperation from his mom was very telling about their fractured relationship. It's an oddly human note in the midst of the insanity. For their part, Beavis and Butt-Head are placed in protective custody without even realizing that this isn't part of the porn flick. And it's kind of a shame we won't see Beavis and Butt-Head in protective custody or foster care as they get the one thing that they've never had: parental guidance. That's a recipe for another hilarious disaster.

For the most part, the interstitials this week were horrible. There's a clip from "True Life" about a guy with a foot fetish that goes on for an agonizing two minutes. Where does MTV find these people? And there was also another unfunny clip from the monsters on "Jersey Shore;" the show that has redefined banality. A clip from "Ultimate Fighter" gets a few good jokes about Dave and Busters and the "Iron Schlong" of one of the fighters.
However, the music video had the best gags as Beavis and Butt-Head mistook the proceedings as a government funded study of masturbation, complete with specialized masturbation helmets. As Beavis excited noted, it was good to see his tax dollars finally going to something important in his life.

The overall episode was a step down from the last few weeks of "Beavis and Butt-Head." And seriously, this show needs to stop drowning us in "Jersey Shore" clips.

Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.