Play Bastion From Your Google Chrome Web Browser

The amazing XBLA title from earlier this year comes to Google's web browser.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Earlier this year a little game from Supergiant Games called Bastion hit the Xbox Live Arcade to loads of critical praise. Our own Joey Davidson tackled a review of Bastion and had these kind words to say about it:

“For its style, in visual, aural and narrative senses, Bastion is a fantastic addition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade lineup. The game's length, unlockables, hidden items and challenges make it a solid experience with strong replay value. Plus, like I said, this title feels cool throughout, and there's a lot of charm in that fact that makes Bastion a great game to own.”

Now, much to our delight, you can download and play Bastion from your Google Chrome web browser. We were well aware that Google Chrome could handle games like Angry Birds, but we had no idea it had the power to render such visually-striking games like Bastion. Then again, this is 2012 and the times they are a-changin’.

You can snag Bastion for free from the Chrome Web Store. But in order to unlock the full story experience, you’re going to have to drop $14.99. But let us reiterate a point: it’s completely worth $15. No doubt about it.

If you want to see Bastion in action before you drop the fundage, check out its pretty launch trailer.