CP3 Questionable To Lakers

Three way trade sends CP3 to Lakers. Or does it?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

A massive three way trade broke yesterday with the Lakers sending Pau Gasol to Houston and Lamar Odem, Luis Scola, and Kevin Martin to the Hornets. In return the Lakers acquired all-star point-guard Chris Paul, possibly the best true 1 guard in the West.

Yet after this deal appeared done, the owners stepped in to uniformly nix it. Yes, that’s right the owners stepped in and said they thought the deal was unfair and gave the Lakers too much of a heavy hand in the West. This raises all types of questions as to what precedent this will set under the new CBA as to the right of the owners to weigh in on trades.

As far as this trade goes, the owners made enough noise to David Stern, that he instructed the Hornets to kill the deal. Many argue this was a unique situation because the Hornets are owned by the league. Others are afraid this is a slippery slope where owners and the commissioner are becoming too involved in trades all sides find beneficial.

Now with the league killing this deal the Hornets are stuck with CP3 for the immediate future, which can only be negative for their ability to put together a winning year. Paul is expected to be at training camp next week and this circus will continue to play out. One thing is clear, Paul will definitely be getting out of town soon, it just might not be to any quality teams.