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It’s the Holidays! has the comedy to fill your stockings.  

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

It’s December and the year is coming to a close. While movies and television soldier on into the twelfth month, comedy slows down. I guess they don’t want consumers to get all confused by new releases as they walk into record stores with their sweaty hands full of wadded cash. Still if you look closely you can find some great comedy dropping as fresh as holiday gingerbread men.

Here’s a fun tip, when you make gingerbread men at your house cut them into funny shapes… like zombies or karma sutra positions, or you can make them into mock ups off all your exes and talk to them like it’s not over. Wait… that’s creepy not funny.


Carlos Mencia: New Territory December 4th (TV) December 6th (CD/DVD)

There was a time in this country where you couldn’t say the word comedy without somebody bringing up Mencia’s name. He may have been one of the last great comedic heavy hitters who transcended just stand-up fans and captured people who may never have cared to watch anyone tell a joke. His style has definitely matured here, or at least changed into something far more aggressive and direct. His take on the current economy and a whole plethora of social issues are highly influenced by a perspective a LOT of comedian’s lack. I highly recommend you check this one out.

Keep it turned to for a full review of the special, plus we’ll take a look at Mencia’s career highs and lows and MORE.

Mike Epps presents: LIVE FROM CLUB NOKIA December 10th

Shot in Los Angeles this showcase of upcoming and decidedly in your face talent will keep you laughing. The energy is staggering here, with every comedian and even the audience pouring themselves into the bits. It’s certainly a good late night watch, both because of its adult content and because it keeps you going. The variety is nice too, as all the comedians have enough in common to make sense on the same stage, but have very different delivery styles. Vanessa Fraction who closes out the show is my personal fave, she’s worth the wait.

I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be the last of Epps handpicked shows for the big CC. Keep it turned to for what’s coming next.

Aries Spears: "Hollywood Look I’m Smiling" December 10th

Also premiering on the 10th is an hour long special from Aries Spears who most people know from Mad TV. To take a little tangent about Mad TV here, it was a really underappreciated show. Spears was especially good there, with a huge variety of characters and deliveries. On this pedigree alone Aries Spears should be all over TV and movies for the rest of his life, and this special is just part of that. I was surprised at how dry his delivery is here. The occasional time when he breaks into character (and turns on the gas) happen suddenly and it’s just hilarious. Aries Spears is a well maintained comedy machine. Check this one out.

Oh and listen for his take on the secret to working in Hollywood. I almost died laughing.

It’s about time we here at took a look back at Mad TV and its various alumni, so stay tuned for more Aries Spears there, and a full review of the special from top to bottom coming soon.

After the break we’ll talk about Albums coming up this December.


Ryan Stout’s "Touché" December 6th

I’m always amazed by comedians who can really control an audience. Ryan Stout makes every audience his bitch, even if they don’t see it coming. With his preferred stage attire of a well-tailored suit, Stout is simultaneously so offensive and so good at misdirection that the audience quickly shifts to the edge of their seat. What’s he going to say here? How is he going to make this dirty? How is he going to shock me now? What if this is the time he doesn’t?

Stout’s latest album is more of the same unique genius. Well worth a digital download on the 6th, or after. I wouldn’t recommend listening to this the first time in your car. Some of his jokes may cause you to jerk the wheel.

Here at we will have a FULL review of this album. We also plan to fill up on desert and not have room for dinner.

After the break we’ll look at comedy movies in December.


Young Adult- December   (limited; wide: Dec. 16)

Hollywood has been looking for the “woman poorly adjusted to modern life” comedy for a long time. Remember “Bad Teacher”? Nope, we don’t either. Well they may have finally hit gold here with Young Adult which stars Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt. The story of a woman (herself a writer of young adult novels… i.e. Twilight) who goes back to her home town in a vain attempt to recapture her old life and the happiness she lost. Of course she doesn’t go about it the way she should, trying to recapture old high-school glory (hear that guy over 25 in a Letterman jacket?). I’ll see anything with Patton Oswalt in it, and I’ve had some good experiences with Theron’s comedy chops in the past. If there is a comedy to see this December, this is it. has the best Film reviews on the planet. Clearly the film channel will be taking a look at this film. Patton Oswalt will be mentioned more than once in our end of the year comedy wrap ups. Keep those eyes peeled.

A little visit to television after the break:


Beavis and Butthead – All over MTV this December  

The return on this 90’s classic has been fantastic. Mike Judge’s unique take on comedy hasn’t dulled in the years the boys have been off the air; and what’s more the shows somehow gotten smarter. From music videos (yes they still exist) to major hot button issues, nothing is safe from Beavis and Butthead. In past episodes they’ve even taken shots at “The Human Centipede” which is something I realized the show hadn’t be on the air to tackle at the time but was so desperately needed.’s television channel reviews Beavis and Butthead from time to time. We also review it on the Idiot Box Podcast monthly or so. We’ll also be there for whatever Mike Judge does next. The man is a genius.

Holiday Special Episodes: Various Shows and Times

Television shows love to put on the plot equivalent of a little red hat for the holidays. Actually, second only to Halloween episodes, these are always some of the intentionally or unintentionally funniest of the year. So come Christmas time don’t spend any time with your family (boring) but instead hungrily consume all the currently running TV shows for their exciting attempts at holiday cheer. Finish off with a Charlie Brown Christmas for desert.

Go past the break for more holiday funnies.

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December is a pretty amazing month here on the Crave comedy section. On top of our regularly schedule programing we’re also featuring dozens of reviews of comedy albums and specials from this month and the rest of the year. Want to know what’s funny and worth your money? ( apologizes for that rhyming sentence.)

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