Squashing NBA Rumors

NBA teams could trade as soon as this Friday, so who’s going where?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

With the lockout appearing to be a thing of the past, teams could make moves to court key players as soon as this Friday and rumors are running wild on some big names.

The first rumor I’d like to squash is that of Rondo leaving the Celtics. First off, anyone that follows Boston knows if the Celtics gets rid of Rondo they are essentially waiving the white flag and my-as-well unload their aging roster. Rondo IS the speed on the team and as Allen and Garnett only get older that is painfully obvious. The Celtics also lean on Rondo more and more to create his own shot. Outside of Pierce, Rondo is the most dynamic person on the court for Boston. Boston says they want to keep Rondo and Rondo wants to stay. Rumor Squashed.

Second rumor I’d like to dismiss, Chris Paul will not end up on the Knicks. Yes, Carmelo and CP3 are great friends. Yes, CP3 and Melo joked about playing together at Melo’s wedding this year. Yes, CP3 has told sources he’d love to play for the Knicks, but the harsh reality is the Knicks don’t have the resources to get him. Plus, New Orleans still contends Paul has yet to inform them of his desire to leave. Bottom line, CP3 definitely won’t end up on the Knicks and may still stay in New Orleans.

Final rumor I am actually green-lighting is that Dwight Howard will definitely leave Orlando. Howard’s agent was down in Orlando last week meeting with the Magic’s leadership and the message is clear, Howard is not wanting to renew the lease on his Florida mansion. He will most definitely be taking his talents elsewhere. Where remains to be seen, but one thing we won’t be seeing is his flashy smile and drop-step monster-dunks in Orlando much longer.