‘Tis The Season To Be Meeting

An update on the Free Agent market with this week’s MLB Winter Meetings.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the holiday season. Although, I do love that too, ‘tis the season for MLB winter meetings.

So what the heck does that mean? It means that your favorite free agent stars will probably be making some Texas sized deals during those four days in Dallas, stretching from December 5th-8th. If you’re a fan of one of these players and your team snags him up, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Merry Kwanza (is it ‘merry’?) or Happy ‘fill in your holiday here,’ because you just got an early holiday gift wrapped in the finest of bat tar and gloved leather.

That being said, here is a quick update on news circling the wagons in regards to the upcoming free agents at this year’s meetings.


Albert Pujols

The biggest of them all. The Marlins offered him 9 years and a lot of green (estimated 225 million). He’s been laying low along with his agent Dan Lozano, most likely in hopes to secure a better offer during or shortly after the winter meetings. I still think he’ll end up staying a red bird.


Prince Fielder

The next guy in line after Pujols to make major headlines, some think he could end up a Mariner. Fielder was scouted and drafted by former Brewers scouting director Jack Zduriencik, who is now the GM in Seattle. I wouldn’t count out the Chicago Cubbies or Washington as well. Both teams have cash and are willing to spend it.


Jose Reyes

We all know that when he is healthy, there is no other player as exciting and propelling as Reyes. The Mets are still an option if they can find the cap room, but that’s a big ‘if.’ I’m betting all signs point to Miami.


C.J. Wilson

The price tag is high. Reports say he wants around 6 years/20 million. He is the best pitching free agent on the market, however, and the Yankees decided to bring back Freddy Garcia. If the boys in pin stripes don’t give Wilson the offer he’s looking for, the Angels are reported to be a player as well with new GM Jerry DiPoto leading the pack. (If that’s what you call a group of angels. Is it a pack?)


David Ortiz

He says he wants a 3-year deal, which will be tough for anyone to offer considering his inconsistency the past few years and will cover his years of age expanding from 36-38. But it’s hard picturing him out of a Boston uniform. Supposedly other teams aside from Boston are interested in ‘Big Papi.’


Aramis Ramirez

It’s hard to find a solid third basemen these days, and while I thought Baltimore would be a major player in signing him, word of late is all coming out of Anaheim and Detroit.


Mark Buehrle

It’s not looking good for White Sox fans. The Chicago Sun Times reported that the Sox miscalculated Buehrle’s free agent value and only offered him 2 years, while there are, most likely, at least 12 other teams offering him more. Buehrle will probably choose about any part of the country he wants to move to, and will probably want a contender such as the Angels, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Marlins (yup, I said it, they will contend), or the Tigers.


Yu Darvish

Not going into great detail on this one yet because no one is even sure if he wants to pitch in the States. But if he does, he could be a mean one on the mound. He continued his dominance against MLB players in the last World Baseball Classic, pitching for Japan. After reading about him, it sounds like he is Daisuke Matsuzaka x2.