Likely NBA Amnesty Moves

Which NBA players are most likely to be dropped under amnesty rule?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The amnesty rule allows each NBA team to waive one player with pay prior to the NBA season and have 100% of the player’s salary removed from both the team’s salary-cap and luxury-cap. This means teams can save this bill for another year and potentially free-up a large amount of cash for this season’s championship run.

The three names that immediately jump out on this list of likely players to be dropped are the Blazers’ Brandon Roy, Orlando’s Gilbert Arenas, and Miami’s Mike Miller.

Miller has undergone 4 surgeries in the last year, his performance is significantly down, and he’s still owed $5 million this year and $6 million next year. He’s an absolute definite drop.  Arenas is still owed $62 million on his contract and that’s a lot of money to eat, but his poisonous attitude to Orlando and his horrible production make this another real possibility. Finally, Roy is still owed $50 million which is again a lot of money to swallow, but his knees are shot, his performance is down, and if the Blazers want to keep Oden they’ll need the salary-cap space.

None of these moves are definite (Ok, the Miller move is definite. You have my word), but the real question is who will these players end-up playing for after all the dust settles. They may not be the All-Star players they once were, but a number of teams would still love to get their hands on one of these seasoned vets and turn them into a dangerous role player.  Just like the lockout, only time will tell.