4th and Goal: Week 13

Tossing out four questions for this Sunday's games.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Will the Packers improve to 12-0?

Like in almost every week this season, the Packers have more than a fair shot of improving to 12-0. At last look, they are 7 point favorites against a Giants team that has all but imploded the past month. The recent decline of the Giants have put them in a situation that is as must win as you can get. With the Dallas Cowboys ahead of them and facing a week Arizona team, the NYG can ill afford to lose yet another game as it would put them in a hole they might not be able to crawl out of. To that end, I'm pulling the shocker and saying that the Giants are going to pull off the upset at home this week.


Can Cincinnati Rebound and Beat the Steelers?

Sitting at 7-4 and thick in the wild card hunt, the Bengals could really use a win this week against their division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, what you need and what you get are often two different things, so while the Bengals could beat Pittsburgh at Pitt this week, I'm a doubter. Good news for Bengals fans is that they have 3 very winnable games left in their schedule and that should get them a wild card nod.


Is this a must win game for Detroit?

The Detroit Lions, after starting 5-0, have dropped four of their past six games and are dangerously close to losing out on a playoff opportunity. With games still to play against Oakland, San Diego and Green Bay, the Lions really need to stop the tide of losing and win this game against the Saints. This will not be an easy task as the Saints have been playing lights out as of late and they will likely be without their top defensive presence Ndamukong Suh.


What is the game of the week?

With major playoff ramifications all within this weeks schedule, how can you just pick one game? No, for this week, I'm giving you three games that you must watch, and as chance would have it, they are all in different times of the day. You can start your day off right with the Cincinnati Bengals at the Pittsburgh Steelers on the 1 pm hour. Then you can follow it up with Green Bay and the Giants in the 4:15 slot. Finally you can finish your great football day with the Detroit Lions at the New Orleans Saints on NBC at 8:15 pm. All three of these games should be awesome.