LeBron James, You Are Freaking Killing Me!

The 'King' is too obsessed with everything but basketball.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

I will start this article like I do nearly every one I do about LeBron James by saying that  I don't like the guy and I think he's easily the most overrated sports icon today. Yes, a lot of my anger and resentment stems from how he left the Cleveland Cavaliers and even more comes from his lack of clutch when he was playing for the Cavs, but I've honestly moved on from that and am in a more peaceful place in regards to his highness.

Mostly, anyway.

No, my current anger towards James isn't anything to do with the past but with what is happening in the present. Coming off of a championship run that ended with probably the most un-clutch Finals performance ever by a guy considered the best in the league, you would think that the focus of this once great man would be on redeeming himself for that failure. You'd think he would be spending every free second working on his post game and outside shooting or maybe tossing up a few hundred free-throws. You'd think he would be recruiting players to come to the Heat or getting together with his existing squad and working as a team to iron out the flaws that sent the highly favored Heat packing at the end of last season.

You would think that, and you would be wrong.

No, instead of diligently honing his tremendous talent, and make no mistake, it is that, he's too busy doing the social rounds and hawking his brand to care anything about that. He's playing flag football and he's going  to marquee college games to woo potential clients for Nike. He's not hitting the gym like he should be, instead choosing to live it up like some frat guy looking for his next kegger.

Heck, he even mimicked the controversial touchdown dance that Bills wideout Stevie Johnson did that mocked Jets wideout Plaxico Burress. You know, the one that got Johnson fined $10,000 by the league because it was deemed so insulting.

This isn't the behavior of someone who wants to be the greatest player of all time. No, this is the tasteless actions of a child trapped in a man's body and continues to provide fuel for everyone who is critical of the Miami Heat Star.

And you know what folks, those critics are right.

I am strongly beginning to think that we aren't just seeing a phase out of LeBron but might just be actually getting a look at the real person under all the PR and dunks. And this real person has no concern over being the best, or doing what it take to win a championship, he just wants to have fun, everyone else be damned.

The saddest part of this, however, is that some day even LeBron's great talent will fail him and the guy won't have the skill set or the discipline to overcome the decline. He will teeter out of the NBA as a sad tribute to squandered talent.

When that happens, the parties will stop because nobody wants to be seen with a washed up could have been and that's the future James is placing himself in unless he can turn it around.

And I'm not seeing that happening.