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Escape pods, portal guns and pantless chicks

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Thank you internets for all these awesome videos. For once I don’t have a single negative review of what’s trending on the virtual videoscope machine. In fact several laughs are to be had, and possibly a fap or two (if you’re at home… or have high cubicle walls)

Let’s go!


College Humor  – Trooper: Escape Pod Confessions  (link)

Holy snap buckets, there’s a new Troopers out on College Humor, exceltastic. It’s a Christmas miracle! These are one of the best original web series to come out of CH and possibly other parts of the web too… I mean the parts that don’t have porn. But still good times Starman!.


Dorkly  – Link to the Past with a Portal Gun (link)

Link seems to be seeing a surge in popularity (yet again) lately, and with it this old Dorkly video has become new again in it’s recent virility. It’s like it got a video Viagra. This 8-bit animation of link mashed up with a portal gun, is a short a sweet walk down the memory lane of “what if”


Break  – Cute Girl Vs. Skinny Jeans (link)

In an epic battle that stands the test of time, a girl struggles with a proof of concept how to get on skinny jeans.



UCB Comedy – YouTube Commenters Book Club (link)

Looks like UCB Beta team, the Brig may have a new cast in place and with it new videos. This one takes the LOL of Youtube comments and places them in an IRL situation the OP can’t even deal with, cause she’s such a N00b and not an epic 1337 troll basher like myself. Enjoy. N00bs. First!


Funny Or Die – The First A.D. (link)

If you’re not from Hollywood this might not make sense, see First AD’s are the guys that keep the director (and the production) moving along the schedule. Basically he’s the producers teachesr pet and the bully of the rest of the crew. I used to know a First AD who gave his Production assistants a 32 page book on how to be a PA on his set. He later got fired for sleeping on set (while standing upright)… also something about doing a ton of Coke. Good times.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and pimp slap a ho.

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