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How hot does a chick need to be to make an NBA lock out sketch funny?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Seems like a good day for comedy. The interwebs have been kind to us today and the comedy gods smile down us. Let’s get a good start with some 8-bit funt times from the Dorks at Dorkly.


Dorkly  – Boos Man Up (link)

Dorkly really seems to have the market on Mario mini sketches down. I was really trying for a super cool illiteration there, but it fell flat, which is something this sketch does not do. Boo Ya! As in the Boo’s, Ya!


UCB Comedy  – Sad Accountant  (link)

So apparently UCB comedy has taken to re featuring old videos. Which is weird, guess they’re too busy not creating new content to find something new and different to feature (which btw UCB – I have a bunch of videos on your site you’ve never featured). But I’m not bitter, I actually love this video. Joe Hartzler as the Sad Accountant is a great role for this improv master and Brian Huskey as his straight man is a nice treat like peanut butter and choco tacos.


Break  – Why Batmanning Never Caught On (link)

In this epic fail video, a man tries to one up the planking movement with the creation of Batmanning, and it’s instant and total destruction.



Atom Films – A Lil Help (link)

Here’s a short and sweet sketch short ryan sickler over at Atom. It’s one of the better things to come out of Atom lately, and I whole heartedly approve.


CollegeHumor – Dinosaur Office: Computer Problems (link)

Um… so you win some you lose some, and this time the bad boys at college humor are just bad. I get what they’re going for, but with the over the top voices and the geriatric humor, it feels like they’re trying for too much and achieving too little… like a typical Red Socks game…


Funny Or Die – NBA Lockout League: The Real Deal (link)

So apparently funny or die doesn’t do comedy anymore, and just does “hot chicks talking to a fat guy” videos now. I mean the girl in this is really super cute, but if I wanted a fapping session I wouldn’t be watching this in the starbucks… oh what the hell, time for my own personal pants off dance off. Let’s hope these baristas are cool.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your boo on.

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