Funny Pages – The First Rule of FPFC

Welcome to Funny Pages Fight Club, the first rule is tweet about FPFC.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The second rule is, make sure you’ve got your thong on, who knows when you’ll be rolling around on the ground at the mall with a bunch of girls… stick around, it’ll all make sense soon enough, and then you can go on to watch Dorkly’s master piece. But for starters.


Dailymotion  – Two 73 Year Old CFL Legends Start Duking It Out! (link)

Before we get in to the real thinkers of the day, let’s get things started the dailymotion way, with two geriatrics dukeing it out on stage. What appears to start as some light rib poking, turns in to jabbing and cane bashing in this bizarre moment forever captured on video.


Break  – The Cat Fight Battle Royale (link)

If you thought that was good, but not good enough… let’s switch it up, instead of old let’s go young, instead of men let’s go girls… instead of 2.. lets go… everyone… Dog pile on the Giraffe!

Welcome to the children of the new generation. Kind of makes you glad that for the first time in history nutritionists are predicting that parents will out live their kids.

With idiots like these using up precious air, gas and food resources, it’s hard not to cheer on their inevitable mutual desctruction.


UCB Comedy – History of Comedy: Airplane Jokes (link)

The Diamond Wow gang at Upright Citizens Brigade flies to new lows with this sketch a tale of the first airplane comic “We examine the story of Lucas Dowd, friend of the Wright Brothers and inventor of the airplane joke.” Reads the description, and the low ceiling on this sketch, just barely gets off the ground. But I guess that just proves two wrights don’t make a sketch comedy video.


Dorkly – Gordon Freeman Meets With His Agent (link)

I gotta say I love Dorkly, and they seem to hit the mark every time. Even when they set the bar of insanity way high and you’ve got the instant clenching in your jaw, they seem to pull it off.


Funny Or Die – Katherine Heigl Hates Balls (link)

This is pretty much the most awesome to come out of Funny or di in months, possibly all year. Katherine Heigl gives an outstanding performance as a chick that just honestly hates balls… and ironically enough has some porn-tastic gagging moments that should confound any young porn starved perverts out there. Well done Katie town.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and pimp slap a ho.

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