Former CFL’ers Kapp And Mosca Get Into Brawl

The 70-year-old players used fists and canes.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

What happens when you get two 70-something former CFL greats in a room? Well, apparently they fight.

Once-quarterback Joe Kapp and former defensive tackle (and wrestler) Angelo Mosca found themselves in a full-on fight last Friday night at a Canadian Football League banquet being held in Vancouver, British Columbia. The fight was caught on tape and has since gone viral – hundreds of thousands of people have viewed the video (you can find it on YouTube). While one may think this was just a scuffle, Kapp and Mosca went at it full force, and Kapp brought Mosca, who had a cane (and proceeded to swing it at his opponent), to the ground. Mosca is 74 years old and Kapp is 73.

"How does it look? Good or bad?" Kapp asked The San Francisco Chronicle on Monday after arriving home from Vancouver. "Ed Nemir, the old boxing coach at Cal, would have been proud of that right cross. He kind of wanted me out for the team, but I was busy playing basketball." He later added, "There was a flower arrangement on the table – I took the flowers up and started to hand it to him on the stage. I was attempting to make peace with the flower arrangement. I'm not proud of it. I did not start it. I never started a fight in my life. Quarterbacks are supposed to be smarter than that. And I didn't start this one."

The two 1960s' football stars were being honoured at the lunch, which was held to help the league raise money to help former CFL players suffering from the long-term effects of concussions and debilitating injuries. Both Kapp and Mosca quickly left after the fight.