Ben Whishaw IS James Bond’s New Q!

The 31-year-old thespian will take over for John Cleese in Skyfall.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Did everyone have a good weekend? Still sleeping off that turkey? Let's just hope that Skyfall isn't going to be one of those turkeys. The Sam Mendes-directed 23rd (official) entry in the storied James Bond franchise somehow still feels like a risk. Casino Royale ruled, and Quantum of Solace was pretty good even though it occasionally veered back into ludicrous Pierce Brosnan-era territory, at least where the action sequences were concerned. (The villain's hideout was an explosive hotel in the middle of the desert, for crying out loud.)  We're still afraid that those were exceptions to the rule, however, and are waiting patiently for Skyfall to prove that the series can keep that momentum going while reintroducing characters for the franchise's heyday. Like Q, for example, who will now be played by 31-year-old Ben Whishaw. 

Just to recap: Q is responsible for James Bond's armory of gadgets, most of which have been conspicuously absent from the last two films in the series. Also to recap: Desmond Llewellyn – the most popular Q, who appeared in the majority of the James Bond franchise? Old guy. He was replaced for one film after his death, by former Monty Python John Cleese, who by that time, 2002, was also an old guy. Ben Whishaw is actually younger than Daniel Craig by 12 years. While it plays neatly off the modern convention that kids are computer geniuses who mystify old fogies like their parents, we're a little concerned at the possibility that Bond might be treated as a fossil who can't program his VCR. We doubt it, but it's really our only concerned. Whishaw doesn't seem like sacrilege to us.

Ben Whishaw's agent confirmed the casting to the BBC over the weekend, but there doesn't seem to be any confirmation from the official publicists. It seems like it would an odd thing to lie about, of course, since Whishaw is definitely in the film. Presumably if this was an outright fabrication we'd have heard otherwise pretty quickly. Whishaw has previously appeared in such Daniel Craig movies as Layer Cake and Enduring Love, so presumably they've already got a pretty good rapport going.

CraveOnline will be back with more Skyfall news as soon as we figure out how to fit flamethrowers into our flash drive.