Historectomy Episode 12 I’m William Wallace and You Can Be Too!

The 5 easy steps to winning "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOO-

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller



Have you found your 5 steps to success? Well, come listen to the Tony Robbins of Scotland in William Wallace! Christian and Sam cover the man made famous by Mel Gibson, and discuss the merits of violence, coercion, and why you should never eeeeeever trust the English!



Also in this episode: What or who are longshanks?, Christian's cautionary heroin story (not about him!), "Here lies the Anvil of Los Angeles and the Spear of St. Louis", crushing chicks gets you nicknames, Sam fails again at "not making a pro wrestling reference", how well do you know Braveheart?, William Wallace commits "The Quickening", combat STILL sucks in the ancient world, The Battle of Sterling Bridge was actually a motivational seminar, back-skin baldricks, #occupyengland, Wallace's 5…then later 6 Steps to Success, change is a slooooooooow processssssss…and so are executions, how bowels are properly burnt in front of you, we can't remember J. Lo's film where she gets in the killer's head…what's it called?…uhh…, Blind Harry opens for Wilco, paternal scandal for Edward III and Edward II was gay? what about Edward I!? *rimshot*, Mel Gibson loves torture, and OH THE CELL THAT'S IT!!! FREEEEDDOOOO-oh you get it…


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