The Big List: Eat Pepper Spray! Beer Bust! Thanksgiving Sucks!

Fox News calls pepper spray a “food product?” Plus: there’s no beer in the computer lab.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to spend days planning and cooking a gigantic meal, invite your relatives and friends over, watch them eat the meal, hope that at least somebody volunteers to help with the dishes, nobody does, do the dishes while everyone else watches football, die a little inside and enjoy some links:


President Obama: Do You Like Occupy Wall Street? Check “Yes” Or “No.”

A smiling protester hands the President a love poem. Actually, it’s a political thing. You can read the full text in the link above. 


Fox News Anchor Claims Pepper Spray Is A “Food Product,” So Internet Wants Her To Eat Some

The petition says to eat some pepper spray, Megyn Kelly. What could go wrong?


Flow Chart: Determining Your Seat At Thanksgiving

Whatever, I’m going to KFC.


Busted For Drinking At The Computer Lab

Drinking and homeworking don’t mix.


Watch Out, Waiters!

The waiter who got this fake-out Christian $10 was suuuuuuuper pissed.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. See you next Listerday, meaning next week.


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