‘Walking Dead’ Producer Staggers Towards ‘Area 51’

Gale Anne Hurd options Annie Jacobsoen's novel as a potential TV series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Apparently not content with TV shows about pirates and zombies, producer Gale Anne Hurd is adding something stranger to her production slate.

According to Deadline, Hurd has optioned Annie Jacobsen’s book, "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base" as a potential TV drama which will be pitched to various networks in the near future. The premise for the "Area 51" TV series follows two men stationed at Area 51 who become endangered when they stumble upon secrets that the government would kill to protect.

Although Area 51 has been rumored to be the storage facility for crashed alien space craft, advanced technology and other superscience conspiracy theories, Jacobsen's "Area 51" was reportedly based upon her interviews with several people who worked on the base in Nevada. The answers related by Jacobsen gave readers some possible (and mundane) answers to several enduring mysteries. For example, Jacobsen's book suggests that the Roswell crash landing was a staged event planned by the Russians in order to incite panic in the United States.

For the "Area 51" TV series, former "Dead Like Me" writer Karl Gajdusek has been signed to script the pilot and executive produce the potential series alongside Hurd.

Hurd is currently best known as one of the executive producers on AMC's "The Walking Dead." However, earlier this year, Hurd signed a deal with FX to produce "Port Royal," a pirate drama set in the 17th century during the height of piracy in Jamaica.

Which network should pick up "Area 51" as a series? Should the show keep the more grounded approach to the unexplained events from Jacobsen's book or head straight for "X-Files" territory? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!