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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

So Apologize to anyone who decides to read all my text, instead of simply watching videos. But today I’ve twice now found something to speak out about, and I guess this is my own personal occupy movement. So if you don’t care, skim on and watch the videos.. Today’s got some really funny ones.


Dailymotion  – Constipated baby (link)

Let’s grab a quick clip from Rooftop comedy to get a jump on our day. Here’s Costaki Economopoulos, which sounds like a horrible math virus, talking about his amazing wonder baby; how babies and wives are different, and the awesome power of constipation.


UCB comedy  – Headache #14 — Finding a Seat (link)

And this is why I’m willing to pay 18 bucks for a pre assigned seat at the archlight…. Or just stay home and watch whatever I want on the internet, sans pants.


Atom – Josh Gad Interview (link)

Josh Gad, star of The Book Of Mormon, does a taxi cab interview and talks about how he got the gig, his thoughts on Mormons, and his webseries Gigi, and working with Anne Hathaways chest.


Dorkly – Mario Responds to PETA (link)

This just sickens me, to see PETA going after yet another celebrity on an unwarranted attack of character, when they should just be doing what they do best. Making porn.

Seriously though, F PETA. If you want to save animals research your charities and find one that doesn’t use gimmicks like debasing women in the name of animal rights. A trade off morality is no morality at all.


Funny Or Die – Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students – REAL AUDIO Exclusive (link)

As childish as this may immediately seem, I found this to be pretty hilarious, I almost wish it had gone on longer. For anyone who has been following this whole debacle,  I just want to take a moment to point something out; In the CA penial system, it’s grounds for dismissal to Pepper spray a seated inmate. But in today’s world of over militarized police, it’s fine to spray students who you’re too f’ing fat and out of shape to move from a line on your own.


To continue with my rant, there was a time when police were taught how to break up linked arms protests. It involves several officers moving one body at a time. It’s not, one man gives a single linked arm protestor a tug and gives up to opt for pepper spray.


That being said, ARMED police should have never been called on to a community college campus to deal with protestors.


Here’s a quick side note, for any cops reading, last time I checked you’re not rich. You’re getting by just as the rest of us are. Maybe you should consider which side of the protest you are on ideologically. Also, last time I checked terrorist’s had weapons.