Syfy Develops ‘Booster Gold’ TV Series

DC's comical superhero from the future may get his own live action show.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Although Syfy found success last summer with its homegrown superheroes in "Alphas," the network is looking at an established DC superhero for a potential TV series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has ordered a "Booster Gold" pilot script from "Fringe" writer, Andrew Kreisberg. The proposed "Booster Gold" series will be produced by Greg Berlanti, one of the screenwriters behind the "Green Lantern" feature film as well as "No Ordinary Family" and "Brothers & Sisters."

Comic book writer and artist, Dan Jurgens created Booster Gold in 1986 as a disgraced athlete in the 25TH century who stole several superhero artifacts from a museum and traveled back to modern times to make a name for himself as a superhero. Booster Gold was notable for appearing alongside Blue Beetle in the popular Justice League International run by Keith Giffen J. M. DeMatteis before his more recent rise to prominence in a Booster Gold comic book written by Geoff Johns.

The proposed Booster Gold TV series will maintain the initial premise of the character, as he uses his newfound abilities to make himself rich and famous before learning the hard way about the true cost of heroism.

Booster Gold has previously appeared in several animated series, including "Justice League Unlimited," "Legion of Super-Heroes" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold." Earlier this year, Booster Gold made his live action debut as portrayed by Eric Martsolf (pictured above) on "Smallville."

The "Booster Gold" adaptation is far from the only comic book related series in the works. Other DC properties potentially in line for TV series next season include "The Spectre" at Fox and "Deadman" at The CW. Syfy is also currently developing the Oni Press comic, "Ghost Projekt."

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