New Xbox 360 Dashboard Launches Dec. 6

Cloud storage, more Kinect controls, Bing support and a new look hits the Xbox 360 in early December.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


When you boot up your Xbox 360 on December 6th you’ll be greeted with an update message. Applying that update with introduce a completely new dashboard experience, as well as a number of other new features, to your Xbox 360.

Microsoft made the official announcement about the new dashboard’s launch today via Major Nelson. The update brings with it Cloud storage for game saves and Live profiles, Beacons and Facebook sharing, enhanced family settings, more voice and gesture controls for Kinect users, Bing support (US, UK, CA) and a new, more streamlined interface.

In addition, Microsoft is planning to slowly roll out new features for the new-and-improved dashboard after its initial launch on December 6, 2011. Specifically, the television partnerships we reported on a few months back will start hitting the Xbox 360 during the holiday months, as well as new applications for movies, Internet videos, sports and music.

The new Xbox 360 dashboard has been in a closed beta period for a while now, giving only a small percentage of Xbox Live users a chance to test the waters of Cloud storage and improved Kinect controls. But on December 6th, everyone will be able to dive into the deep end of the new dashboard and experience what Microsoft is claiming is like getting a brand-new system. Time will tell if that’s true or not.