Hypocritical Media, You Are Freaking Killing Me

A win is a win and it's good enough until it's not, I guess.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

A large part of my daily routine revolves around being in the car trucking one kid after another to and from wherever you can imagine so I get to hear a ton of sports radio. Most of it is very interesting stuff, with the national ESPN shows being about the most polished, as you would imagine. But lately, there has been a trend of blatant idiocy being spouted against two individuals who have done nothing but what they are supposed to do, which is win.

For the record, the two getting hated on is quarterbacks Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos and fellow QB Vince Young of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The naysayers would have you believe that because these two fellows tend to use their legs better than their arms, that they are just horrible, horrible QB's who don't deserve any recognition for what they do. The only problem with this is that these statistically awful QB's, well, just keep winning and that has many, many experts flummoxed. For these select individuals, winning doesn't count as much as how you look doing it.

Doesn't really make much sense, if you ask me.

The bottom line in any evaluation of players, especially quarterbacks, is if they can win you games and both Tebow and Young have done that and is still doing it. Tebow took over for a 1-4 Denver team and has led them to 4 out of 5 wins, evening their record at 5-5 and putting them in position to make a run at the division. Vince Young, who is 31-17 as a starter, took over for an injured Michael Vick this week against the Giants and led them to a crucial win against a divisional foe.

These two men are winners yet we are supposed to look past wins and losses to stats to determine their value. Better yet, the arguments against these guys tend to be about how they will do down the road as opposed to how they are doing now, which is fine, because they are winning, which is what they are supposed to be doing.

This sort of thing just rankles me because on any other day when these guys are talking about Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, then it's all about the winning. It's all about how these guys are clutch in the 4th quarter and how they can take over the game.

This hypocritical idiocy is unfortunately not going to stop anytime soon but, for once, I would just love to hear these guys admit that they employ a double standard in their 'journalistic coverage'. I would just love for them to cave into the reality that in the NFL, hell, in any sport, the bottom line for success is wins and losses, not how you look doing it. You don't get style points in professional sports, you just get paid to have more points on the board at the end of the game.

Yep, I would just love to hear it just once. Never going to happen, of course, but doesn't stop me from wanting it.