Venom’s Various Variants in January

Venom's getting a big push in early 2012, and here are the crazy variant covers to prove it.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Wolverine and the X-Men

Variant covers are fun little treats that may likely confuse newcomers, but are nerdy delights for dedicated collectors.  We've seen Marvel pull crazy variant cover stunts with Deadpool before, and they're doing it again in January with Venom, leading up to the gooey symbiote's big boffo February happenings.  Rick Remender's Venom is a great and gruesome read, and Marvel wants you to know about it.

Check out these fun variant covers that will be popping up on comics at the beginning of 2012.


Captain America #7

CAPTAIN AMERICA #7 by Mike Perkins


Defenders #2

THE DEFENDERS #2 by Chris Stevens


FF #14

FF #14 by Michael Ryan


Secret Avengers #21

SECRET AVENGERS #21 by Khoi Pham


Venom #12

VENOM #12 by Mike Del Mundo


Wolverine and the X-Men



X-Men 23

X-MEN #23 by John Tyler Christopher