‘American Horror Story’ Season Finale Cut To 90 Minutes

FX's hit series loses a half hour of its first season, but it may have more than 13 episodes next year.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

On "American Horror Story," the Harmon family has been beset by several ghosts within their own home. But the good news for the Harmons is that their torment will be over faster than expected.

According to Deadline, FX has trimmed the season finale of "American Horror Story" down to 90 minutes, as opposed to the originally planned two hour conclusion. This effectively means that the first season will have 12 and a half episodes instead of 13.

As explained in the article, this change had to be made in order for the season finale to make it  through post-production in time. The entire first season of "American Horror Story" has been on an accelerated schedule, ever since the series picked up on July 18 only a few months ahead of its October debut. Because of the longer than usual shooting times, production of the first season is still ongoing, with filming scheduled to finish in early December.

One of FX's proposed solutions was to cut out the 13th hour entirely, but "American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy successfully argued for a 90 minute finale to wrap up the first season.

The silver lining for viewers is that FX is now said to be considering an order of more than 13 episodes for the second season.

Connie Britton  and Dylan McDermott star in "American Horror Story" as Vivien and Ben Harmon, a couple whose crumbling marriage has led them to an infamous Murder House in Los Angeles, where malevolent spirits prey upon them. Taissa Farmiga costars as their daughter, Violet Harmon; with Evan Peters as Tate Langdon, Denis O'Hare as Larry Harvey and Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon.

It's currently unknown which cast members will be back for the second season. But given the nature of this show, they could all return even if they get killed off before the end of the season.

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