Floyd Mayweather Jr. Talks Manny Pacquiao

FightHype sat down with Floyd Mayweather to talk about his future fights.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been the most criticized figure in all of sports as of late. While a mega fight between him and Manny Pacquaio has loomed for almost three  years, it seems people have come to believe that Mayweather has in fact been the sole reason why this fight hasn't been made. Besides the heat he's subjected to by fans, the sports media in particular has been heavily placing the blame on Mayweather.

Things have gotten even more intense between the two foes when Pacquaio filed a  defamation of character lawsuit versus the Mayweather family for speculating that Pacquaio has been using performance enhancing drugs while tearing through each weight class as each of his opponents were getting bigger and bigger.

This past weekend Pacquaio took on former Mayweather victim Juan Manuel Marquez in what was thought to be the final fight in their brilliant 7-year trilogy. Many people picked Pacquaio to easily dispose of the older, slower Marquez but that didn't happen. Marquez took it Pacquaio like no one else has in 3 years with a perfect game plan combined with a masterful boxing IQ. Pacquaio was awarded the close decision but this already has become a hot topic that has been debated on every boxing message board you can think of.

After Saturday's clash many new questions came to light:

Why did Pacquaio look so uncomfortable?

Why couldn't he drop a man that was only 2 pounds heavier than him after scorching through much bigger opponents?

Is a fight with Floyd Mayweather really worth it to the Pacman now after being somewhat exposed by a technical boxer like Marquez?

The answer now seems to be extremely clear: Pacquaio has trouble with counter punchers and whether you hate him or love him, Floyd Mayweather is easily the best of this breed when it comes to pure boxing.

Recently our buddies over at FightHype conducted an exclusive interview with Mayweather Jr. Topics ranged from Pacquaio to his trainer Freddie Roach and promoter Bob Arum.

Here are some excerpts:

FightHype: From what you've heard, do you have any comment on Pacquiao's performance?

Floyd Mayweather:  I can't really say nothing about him because there's been a defamation of character case filed against me. In the past, I was able to criticize my opponents and talk trash in a playful manner, but I guess, you know, with me talking trash to Manny Pacquiao, I got a lawsuit. I mean, Ali's done it and a lot of the other top fighters have done it. Fighters, we do it back and forth to each other. I mean, the fight could've happened the way it happened because, you know, someone is slowly changing so they can prepare to fight me. They know they're going to have to take the random blood and the random urine tests.


FightHype: They also said Marquez was too small for you. I know you didn't get a chance to see it, but Saturday night, on HBO's unofficial scales, Pacquiao weighed in at 148 pounds while Marquez weighed in at 150 pounds. He was actually 2 pounds heavier than him.

Floyd Mayweather:  I mean, like I said before, I never accused Pacquiao of nothing, but I think I'm entitled to my own opinion. I just had an opinion. I didn't say, "I know you doing this" or "I know you doing that." I said some jokes in the past, had fun, doing it smiling, and we talked about it, but if I was or wasn't joking, it's just my opinion. I'm entitled to my own opinion. People have said things about me, and wrote and criticized me about things in the past, but it goes in one ear and out the other. A lot of times, I don't hear about it because, like I said before, I don't read it if it's negative. If it's positive, then they know to bring it to me.

FightHype: Bob Arum recently called you a coward, suggesting that you didn't want to fight Pacquiao because you were afraid of his right hand and…

Floyd Mayweather:  (Cutting in) I don't even worry about that because he do know who I am. When they say stuff like that, my skin is tough. It goes in one ear and out the other. I don't ever worry about that. When they put me on ESPN and they talk about negative things, or when they put me on TMZ and they talk about negative things, I'm just glad that I'm relevant; to have lasted this long being relevant. Bob Arum says a lot of things that I just don't understand. They say he [Pacquiao] is getting $22 million and then they say he's getting $6 million. I mean, what's the number? You hear certain things, negative things, all the time that aren't true, but you never hear about the positive. You never hear them talk about how Al Haymon is one of the best business guys, not just in the sport of boxing, but one of the best business guys in the world. You don't hear them talking about how we gave money to Breast Cancer research. I mean, these are things they never talk about.

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