Review: Avengers #19

Once again, the Avengers do their roster shuffling and reflection, and it's getting old.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Avengers #19

Here we come

Fighting crime in the street

We get the funniest looks from

Everyone we meet


Hey hey we’re Avengers

And the fans are getting pissed

Because the name means nothing

Thanks to Brian Michael Bendis!


I use the intro to the Monkees show because essentially that’s what the Avengers are now. It’s a joke, it’s silly, it’s a pale derivative of what it once was and I, for one, am all set with it. Marvel can rattle their swords all they want about Avengers selling more than any other comic because that’s all smoke and mirrors. A book, ANY book, a fucking cookbook with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man and all the other Marvel heavy hitters is going to sell. Brian Michael Bendis’s self-serving style has really done nothing but dry out most of the Avengers books. Issue #19 is only the latest in the turmoil.

For some reason, I don’t know why, the Avengers must have a reflection book as often as possible. What are the Avengers, who are they, what’s the new way, who are the new heroes, on and on and on. Issue #19 is the same thing. PostFear Itself, the Avengers are once again taking stock and re-establishing who they are and what it means to be an Avenger. Cripes! The biggest and best superhero team ever is turning into a support group. The issue flails through trying to recruit new members, including a scene where Black Panther tells Captain America to shove it. I guess he hadn’t heard that Marvel was canceling his book.

Panther suggest Storm as a new Avenger. Well, not a New Avenger but a new old Avenger because the Avengers can’t be the Avengers, they have to be Marvel’s answer to Batman Inc. So now the count is this, Storm is in, I think Vision’s back, I’m also assuming my grandmother and weird uncle are going to be asked as well. The absolute best is the very end of the issue. Norman Osborn, a wanted felon and international criminal who just escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D., shows up on the Avengers lawn during their press conference and starts shouting at them about his rights being violated. It could be the stupidest thing I’ve seen Bendis do thus far.

Marvel can whip out all the sales figures they want, Brian Michael Bendis writing the lion’s share of the Avengers books stinks. With Bendis at the helm, we now get both Avengers and New Avengers dueling Norman Osborn as well as having to follow the Bendis way of making a book incredibly average to read. I also hate Daniel Acuña’s art. If I’m going to buy this swill then I should at least get John Romita Jr. art. Acuña’s dentist office art style just weighs everything down. Avengers #19 is the last issue of the series I will buy until Marvel gives me at least one choice without Brian Michael Bendis.