Here We Go Again, This Time It’s Syracuse

Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine accused of molesting ball boys.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

As if the Penn State fiasco wasn’t enough to make the entire sports world cringe with disgust last week, Syracuse could be adding more flame to the fire.
Former Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine was accused Friday by two former Orange Men ball boys of molesting them over a 16-year period.

Fine responded “Sadly, we live in an allegation-based society and an Internet age where in a matter of minutes one’s lifelong reputation can be severely damaged.”

We at CraveOnline won’t take offense to the jab at the Internet and will do our best to not prematurely prosecute Fine, but it is disturbing to simply hear accusations like this.

From Fine’s perspective he has been investigated for these allegations before and was found innocent. Syracuse head-coach Jim  Boeheim stood up for his former assistant-coach and pushed back when reporters questioned this support. Boeheim retorted, What I can support a friend of 50 years?”

Good for Boeheim for standing up for his friend in his time of need. I think we all just truly pray Boeheim’s friend of 50 years wasn’t playing around with ball-boys for 16 of those years.

One thing that definitely jumps out is the timing of these charges resurfacing. We can’t help but assume the Penn State incident is a motivating factor. Whatever the outcome, these accusations definitely make parents wearier of coaches and fans everywhere hoping for the days when we can all just rail against the BCS bowl system and the Big Dance letting in too many teams.