Coolest Budget Gifts

We pick 8 cool gifts for guys with varying budgets.

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Making smart decisions is essential when shopping for the holidays, especially with the economy hitting such serious hurdles recently. To help keep you from breaking the bank, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to get your girl without killing your budget this holiday season!


Yoga classes – With yoga more popular than ever these days, the GF will undoubtedly be doubly thankful for you helping her stay fit and in touch with her inner peace – especially if you're willing to take the plunge and try it out with her! A yoga mat is often under $20, and introductory classes can be found for well under $100 for a series of sessions.


Lingerie – Every woman loves sexy undergarments, and you don't have to break the bank buying her something she loves (that you'll enjoy as well). But be sure to pick something out that she would like, not just you. After all, who's the present for?


iBook – Collect all your favorite pictures together from various trips and adventures, and compile them into a book from with the help of Apple's easy-to-use photo album creator. For less than $30 you can have a hardcover keepsake with dozens and dozens of your best shots together!


Netflix – You'll never hear "I'm bored" again! Save tons of cash at the movies and rental stores with a Netflix subscription – she'll be able to catch up on all your favorite TV shows and films, from the comfort of her couch or bed – or yours. It's the gift that keeps on giving!


Pet Grooming – The only thing in the world she loves more than you is her little pooch, so why not show your third-wheel security by getting the pub a grooming treatment? A shampoo, hair cut, nail trim, teeth brushing and perhaps a little training lesson or two will show your lady that you know how to not only pamper her, but the things she loves most in life as well. Who knows? You might end up at the top of that love list soon enough.


Car Subwoofer – It may not be the single most romantic gift available, but for a girl who loves her music, an affordable subwoofer for her car can be a dream come true. Easy installment and solid quality for your budget, a subwoofer can take your significant other's listening experience to the next level on her lengthy commute each day.


Massage Gift Certificate – Sure, every man likes to think that he's got the most therapeutic hands on Earth, with the ability to massage any woman into ecstasy. Nobody's doubting your abilities, but a professional massage experience will leave your lady friend feeling relaxed, relieved and refreshed, like she's walking on air.


iPod – Now that Apple is phasing out the iPod (with various music services moving to phones), prices are dropping sharply on the portable digital media device. Give your girl the power to keep her phone battery from dying several times a day, by giving her a world of affordable music access! Load it up with themed playlists, from your favorite songs together to romantic mixtape collections, and you'll have a grabd-slam gift on your hands.