The Big List: Occupy Hypocrisy? Family Guy Goes Too Far?

Oddly enough, some folks don’t like that Family Guy ‘high-fived’ about 9/11.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to watch as Wall Street greed drags down society at large, form a civilization across the street from Wall Street in protest, live there for two months, watch as intense class divisions ironically form, get kicked out by the NYPD soon after and check out these links!


An Occupation Divided

Surprise twist: classism permeates a micro-society dedicated to righting the wrongs of classism.


The 9/11 High-Five Heard Around The Blogosphere

Surprise twist: Family Guy episode contains a winkingly controversial joke.


Armond White Says His Jack & Jill Review Got Him Banned From Rotten Tomatoes,65156/

Surprise twist: infamous troll film critic continues trollin'.


Petition For E! To Cancel All Kardashian Show Gets 100,000 Signitures

Surprise twist: E! cares more about ratings and advertising money than online petitions.


I Want My Hat Back

This book doesn’t have a twist ending, just an awesome ending.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Surprise twist: we’ll be back next week… with more stuff! *Dramatic Sting*


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