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Who’s Online? That’s Right. What? Google. Third Base!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Well you got this far, so I feel I’ve done my job. Now scroll on down and enjoy some video action. Today I can’t help but thinking there’s some kind of subliminal Laurel and Harty theme happening, but maybe it’s just me wishing for a time when comedy was funny 😉


Break  – Greatest Reporter Sign Off Ever (link)

This Reporter shows us how she really feels as the camera keeps rolling just slightly too long during her sign off. Yay Joyce, you’re a real… trooper. Wink, zing, see what I did there!

Funny Or Die – Titties & Kitties (link)

With a title like Titties & Kitties the boys of Nick & Tyler have really set the bar high. Though I honestly couldn’t get past the fact that I kept waiting for it to break out in a video of Jason Lee and Napoleon Dynamite… but apparently their likeness was not intentional.


It’s somewhat amusing, and then right at the end, I’m pretty sure they flat out stole a meme song that was created some 3 years ago.


Atom Films – Extra Butter, Please: 201 (link)

So here’s the shtick. This sucks.

Oh wait, that’s opinion, not information. It really sucks.

Sometimes I feel like “Why should I even bother include this” and then I realize it’s so you can enjoy the videos that are actually good. Sometimes you need to watch a horrible impersonation of Leonardo Dicaprio in black face to appreciate the humor of something likethe sketch Dorkly has toward the bottom of this article.


I don’t know who’s thinking this is a good idea, or why the need to put 3 sketches in to one video. By the time I’d slept my way through the first sketch, the last thing I wanted to do was watch a horrible parody of Jack and Jill, which already looks to be a horrible movie in itself… and then things just got worse. Move on.


Dorkly – Dorkly Bits: Chrono Trigger Time Travel Mix-Up (link)

The geeks over at Dorkly, Nailed it with this Dr. Who 8-bit animation sketch. What seemed like it was going to start as an endless loop of “I’m the Doctor”, “Doctor who”, “precisely” jokes quickly progressed in to a jam toasting, smoogley, wanker slosh of British supremacy and time lord mastery of awesomeness.

And that’s why the doctor gets the bitches, he gives the best wanker slosh. Whatever the hell that is… and point of fact, my spell check totally doesn’t believe that’s a word!

UCB Comedy – First Base – No Spoilers (link)

A baseball player hit’s first base, and so the joke begins. Except in this iteration of the old baseball routine, it’s all about a persnickety player who doesn’t want to get any movie spoilers.

All in all a good day for comedy, sorry hope that wasn’t a spoiler alert.

Now go forth and take on the day, veni, vidi, vici yourself till your carpe diem is content.


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