Will Chris Tucker Return for Fourth ‘Friday?’

More to the point, do we really need another Friday?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Sixteen years later, and it's still Friday? That's some Rod Serling sh*t right there. But that's what's going to happen if New Line and Ice Cube have their way. Daaaaaaaamn…

Yes, it's been a decade and a half since F. Gary Gray's Friday emerged from the mid-1990's as one of the better "urban" comedies of the age. The film starred Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as a pair of stoners who owe money to a dealer and end up in a series of wacky antics over a course of a single day. It was a popular film that helped make Cube and Tucker mainstream stars, and was followed by two sequels: Next Friday, about what happened the next Friday, and Friday After Next, about what happened two Fridays afterwards. Neither film was particularly good (although Friday After Next was a slight improvement on its predecessor), and neither film was graced by the presence of Chris Tucker, whose comic sidekick role was usurped by Mike Epps, albeit as a different character.

Ice Cube, who wrote or at least co-wrote all the previous entries in the franchise, is in talks with New Line to write the script for, produce and star in the fourth Friday movie, according to Deadline. He also might be in line to direct the sequel, although that's far from official, which would make Four Fridays into the Future (or whatever the hell it'll be called) his second trip behind the camera, after the fairly forgettable strip club dramedy The Player's Club in 1998.

But more importantly, it looks like Chris Tucker might return his first Friday since… well, the first. TMZ reports that the Rush Hour star is in serious talks to reprise his role. Tucker's Friday co-star Tiny Lister (aka "Zeus" from No Holds Barred, and the President of the Damned Universe in The Fifth Element) revealed to that website that Tucker was speaking with Ice Cube about returning to the franchise he originally left for religious reasons. It could just be talk though. After all, he talked to Lister about doing another Fifth Element as well, and as far as we know neither actor actually has any say in the matter.

CraveOnline will return with more Friday news after after next Friday after next… one. Yeah.