Kristen Stewart in the ‘Akira’ Remake?

The Twilight: Breaking Dawn star reportedly offered a role in the remake of an ultra-gorey, mindbending sci-fi classic.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It must be nice to be Kristen Stewart. Oh sure, she most likely has problems like all the rest of us, but at least she can go to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that millions of people would be willing to give her their kidneys, should the need arise. And as an added bonus, she's being considered for high profile roles in films like Jaume Collet-Sera's remake of Akira. That's pretty cool too.

In a breaking news story, Twitch Film reports that the Twilight: Breaking Dawn star has been offered the role of Kei in Akira. Other actors to have been offered roles include Garrett Hedlund (who has apparently accepted the role of Kaneda), Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter. Stewart would be up for the role of Kei, the female lead in the original film. Kei is a revolutionary anti-government resistance fighter and psychic medium who hates – and then naturally falls in love with – Garrett Hedlund's biker thug Kaneda, and is later revealed to be a powerful psychic medium. Like you do.

Kristen Stewart's name is often broached when casting any young female lead because… well, Twilight. The mega-hit series has made Stewart arguably the most recognizable and beloved face of her generation, right alongside Robert Pattinson. She has millions of adoring fans, but the trick is that they apparently only want to see her in Twilight, implying that the real star is Bella Swan, not the woman who plays her. Eventually Hollywood will either figure that out, or figure out how to capitalize on her stardom correctly. For her sake we hope it's the latter, but we imagine the anti-Twilight folks out there would probably rather she sink back into the ether so they can all just forget this madness ever happened.

What do you think? Is Kristen Stewart right for Akira? Does she demonstrate the charisma and range necessary to remain relevant after the end of the Twilight franchise?

CraveOnline will be back with more Akira news after we take out some clowns.