With The NFL, Nothing Is Predictable

10 weeks in and we still can't grasp the majority of good teams... but we will try!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The following statement may be erroneous as my view may be stained by this year's string of games but I can't honestly recall a season that is so unpredictable after 10 weeks. It's been very difficult to get a handle on the vast majority of the NFL teams out there, as evidenced by multiple people getting only 5 or 6 right in my pick all this week.

OK, maybe my pick-all isn't the greatest of examples but lets take a good look at the NFL as a whole as of right now. In fact, let me pull a page from ESPN and separate the 32 teams into categories based on what I see on the field each week. In these rankings, records aren't so much as important as what is being shown on the field each week.


The Contenders (or teams that are proving they can bring it on a week to week basis)

Green Bay Packers (8-0) The head of the pack, so to speak

San Francisco 49ers (8-1) Believing in themselves more as the weeks go by

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) Winning and playing good despite key injuries

Houston Texans (7-3) Taking full advantage of the collapse of Indy


Close but no cigar (or teams that have shown flashes but not consistently)

Baltimore Ravens (6-3) Doesn't want to beat the Steelers in the playoffs, would lose the next week

New England Patriots (6-3) No defense, no problem, at least against a no throw offense like the Jets

New York Giants (6-3) Will get better as they get healthy

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) The ultimate roller-coaster team

New York Jets (5-4) Needs to open up the offense a bit, but can they?

Atlanta Falcons (5-4) Still the best overall team in the NFC South

Detroit Lions (6-3) Can they rebound?

Oakland Raiders (5-4) As Palmer gets more comfortable, they should secure the AFC West

New Orleans Saints (7-3) Good offense, questionable defense…so, the usual


Better Watch your backs (or teams that could make the leap into playoff contention if your not careful)

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) Dalton is an impressive QB, hands down

San Diego Chargers (4-5) Better hope they do their normal second half up swing

Denver Broncos (4-5) Passing is overrated I guess

Tennessee Titans (5-4) Probably not enough left in the tank for a run

Buffalo Bills (5-4) Too young and raw, but plenty of upside in the years to come

Chicago Bears (6-3) Getting hot at just the right time


Put a fork in us (because these teams are done)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) Talent doesn't always equal wins

Washington Redskins (3-6) Um, I don't think it matters who is behind center

Minnesota Vikings (2-6) Second most talented under-performers in the NFL

Seattle Seahawks (3-6) Hey, at least they have a couple of good wins

Arizona Cardinals (3-6) Picked the wrong guy at QB, perhaps?

St. Louis Rams (2-7) Maybe next year

Carolina Panthers (2-7) Good QB doesn't always translate into wins

Cleveland Browns (3-6) Needs one or two standout skill players, and to make their field goals

Miami Dolphins (2-7) Looking better but at this point, is that a good thing?

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) Young and raw but with talent

Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) Cassell takes way too many steps when he drops back to pass

Indianapolis Colts (0-10) Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck