Historectomy Episode 10 Hitler’s Sweetie Pie

"Hitler, making you look like a good boyfriend since 1935!"

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller



We cover Eva Braun, the most loving gal a Hitler could have! Listen as Christian and Sam use Eva as an excuse to discuss the Nazi party, choices in 8 x 10's and more!



Also in this episode: Wolfenstein 3D, Nazi Germany is like the film industry, sassy dump truck drivers, Heinrich Hoffman Nazi Photog to the stars, brain f******, Dolph Hitler, becoming the Steve Buscemi of Anti-Semites, Christian's awesome grad school jokes, sauerkraut? more like sauer-crap! (ugh), Hitler was a terrible boyfriend, Eva's FIRST failed suicide attempt, Tom Cruise looks like Sam…ladies…, Hitler needs to preserve his sex appeal, Nazi boobs, and Hitler's one good deed…this is Chicago public radio stay with us!


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