NCAA Coaches Dish On Rules & Cheating

A behind the scenes look into what coaches really think about rule breaking.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

For starters, 74% of D1 basketball coaches interviewed by ESPN stated that they didn’t understand the NCAA rules. One coach went so far as to say “There are more than 400 pages of rules in the NCAA handbook – where would you even begin?”

Hmm, here’s a thought, start at page 1 and read. When you get to page 400, you’re done. It is your job isn’t it and you are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, so maybe you should actually understand the rules before you break them.

Coaches seem to unanimously stand together though, in that NCAA rules are confusing, convoluted, and almost impossible to not accidentally violate. This is verified in that 80% of coaches interviewed by ESPN had self-reported violations at one time or another in their careers and 95% said unintentional violations were unavoidable.

When asked about each other, 92% of coaches believed someone in their league had violated NCAA rules in the last 5 years and gotten away with it. I think the basic take-away from these interviews is that NCAA violations are rampant in D1 programs and since oversight is a joke and coaches claim ignorance and a general lack of responsibility, rule violations are simply an aspect of the game we should get used to.