Dalglish Urges Fans To Abandon Liverpool V Chelsea

Kenny Dalglish isn't happy with the way the league is being run.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has urged fans to abandon the clubs upcoming quarter-final game against Chelsea, saying that he will play a younger and weaker squad in protest to the scheduling of their Premier League game against Manchester City, which is set to take place just 48 hours earlier.

Speaking of the scheduling, Dalglish said: "It is disgraceful in this day and age that players are being asked to play a key Premier League game and then a League Cup quarter-final in London just 48 hours later.

"It's understandable with the Spurs v PAOK Salonika match and the TUC rally that the Met police have said our game cannot be played on the Wednesday. But it's surely the duty of the football authorities to think of other solutions which consider the welfare of the players and this clearly hasn't happened.

"Manchester City are in a similar position to us with their game at Arsenal and it's for them to argue their case, but it is my job to stand up for the interests of Liverpool Football Club. Here you have two clubs who have treated this competition with utmost respect over the years and they are being treated like this.

"It seems totally irresponsible as well that the quarter-finals are scheduled in the same week as Europa League games. If Stoke had beaten us in the last round and were through to face Chelsea then the tie gets rescheduled for another date – it's as simple as that. But when we ask the Football League to move our game to a later date, we're told it's impossible.

"Where's the logic in that? What would have happened if all four of the English clubs playing in the Europa League had got through to the quarter-finals?

“If the Football League want to devalue their own competition, that's up to them, but they shouldn't then be upset if people use these games to help in the development of young players.”

Dalglish stated that Liverpool’s managing director has spoken to Premier League officials in an attempt to reschedule the Man City match, but to no avail. Meanwhile, a Football League spokesman defended the scheduling, saying:  "Despite extensive efforts, no alternative solution acceptable to all parties could be found."