4th and Goal: Week 10

4 burning questions to get you set for this weekend of NFL football

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's that time in the season when some teams move to the forefront and others are forgotten.  These are the four biggest questions moving into week 10 of the NFL season.


What are the Bengals odds of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers this week?

I would put the Bengals odds of going to 7-2 at about 25%. They have a solid offense combined with a good defense and are at home, so when you add that together, they do have a shot. The knock on them, however, is that their rookie QB will be going against the most complex defenses in the NFL. The Steelers thrive on making rookie QB's look like they are, rookies, and I don't expect this week to be any different. Also, Pit QB Ben Roethlisberger has been on fire as of late and always plays well against teams from his home state.


Is this weeks game against the Arizona Cardinals a 'must win' game for the Eagles?

While I am loathe to call any week 10 game a 'must win' for any team, I do have to admit that if the Eagles don't put some run together than they are going to be quickly left behind in the NFC East. With the Giants sitting at 6-2 and the Cowboys at 4-4, the Eagles find themselves at third in the division (3-5) and heading in the wrong direction with last weeks loss to the Chicago Bears. Philly's defense has to step it up and contribute like everyone expected them to do if the Eagles are going to have any shot at catching the Giants.


Can The Patriots muster up enough defense to win at New York?

This would be a tough question to answer yes on because it's very hard to see the Patriots mustering enough defense to stop a 90 year old woman in a walker from leaving a room. This team is just horrible on that side of the ball it has got to the point where the offense just can't overcome their deficiencies. This being said, I do look for the Patriots to make some sort of stand this weekend and stop their 2 game stand. Jets QB Mark Sanchez is about as underwhelming a QB as you can find on a good team and he isn't going to be lighting up the score board too much. That will leave the door open for Brady and that offense to put up just enough points to eek out a win.


Are the San Francisco 49ers for real?

Well, the answer to that can be found in their record. At 8-1, anyone would be hard pressed to call this team anything but legit. Not only are they winning the games they should, like any good team does, but they are winning the tough ones as well. Three times they have went cross country and played the early game and three times they have won, a feat that is very rare for West coast teams. San Fran plays football the right way, with a solid offense with a good running game backed by a strong defense that can protect a lead. Add it all up and you have a very dangerous team.