Jak & Daxter HD Collection Confirmed

Sony has officially announced a remastering collection of the PS2 classics.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Break out the bubbly, Naughty Dog fans. Sony has confirmed that a high definition remastering collection for the Jak & Daxter trilogy is officially on the way.

The confirmation was handed to Game Informer via Sony after a German ratings board listed the "Jak & Daxter Trilogy Edition" for Europe. However, Sony is remaining quiet on the exact details of the collection at the moment.

Here’s exactly what Sony had to say about the Jak & Daxter HD Collection:

"We can confirm the Jak and Daxter Collection is coming and will have more news to share shortly.”

That’s good enough for us. If you’re a frequent reader of our gaming musings on Crave, then you know how big of fans we are of the Jak & Daxter saga. We’ve been begging for a new game in the series for some time now. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog is kind of wrapped up in a franchise called Uncharted. But that series is so underground, we just don’t understand why they invest so much time and effort into it when they have Jak & Daxter sitting there on the shelf going unused. It just doesn’t make a lick of sense. But if a new Jak & Daxter is out of the question, then we’ll make due with a HD collection of the original three games.