Can an EOD Survive a Cliff Jump in Battlefield 3?

This, and other myths, busted in video form...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Battlefield 3

Props goes to YouTube channel "defendthehouse" for putting this awesome clip together. While we could have done without the slow, boring, crawly text, we absolutely love their idea and decided it was worth sharing with you folks.

Battlefield 3's multiplayer arm is a ton of fun, as we indicated in our recent review. With that fun comes a lot of questions that, god damnit, need answering. Can an EOD survive a fall from a massive cliff? Can you turn a jeep into a mobile medicle and ammo resupply unit?

Well, watch and find out…

Truth is, a few of the Crave editors will be on the battlefields tonight trying some of these awesome moves out for ourselves. And by "awesome" we mean completely nerdy.

Have you snagged Battlefield 3? What do you think of the game's multiplayer?