French Robbers Steal Thousands of Copies of Modern Warfare 3

These thieves weren't playing around in a heist that feels like it was ripped straight out of the movie Heat.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Some people are too damn impatient. While the normal people of the world patiently wait for the launch of Modern Warfare 3 tomorrow, some just can’t contain their excitement, or they really want to make some extra change through channels like eBay before the game releases. Take, for example, a group of French criminals who robbed a couple of delivery trucks containing copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

As reported by French publication Le Parisien, two separate trucks carrying copies of Activision’s upcoming war shooter were hijacked early Saturday morning in Paris. The first truck was robbed when another car slammed into the delivery vehicle, pushing it off the road. Seconds later, a group of masked men, armed with knifes, jumped out of the vehicle, threw down gas canisters and forcefully stole the delivery vehicle, making off with thousands of copies of Modern Warfare 3 in the process.

Then, roughly an hour later, another delivery truck carrying copies of the game was robbed by a group of criminals, now carrying handguns. The robbers set up a vehicle in the middle of the road as a road block, forcing the delivery truck to stop. It was at that point that men in masks popped out of nowhere, took control of the vehicle and made off with it.

The combined, estimated value of the copies of Modern Warfare 3 stolen exceeds $1 million. The masked men are still at large, probably swimming in a pool of Modern Warfare 3 copies, laughing manically, as we speak. You can probably expect a lot of these stolen copies of the game to pop up on places like CraigsList and eBay in the coming days. You’ve been warned.