Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks – Parodies

From Hollywood Chicks and Netflix to all things that rhyme, here’s the top 5 Pumped up Kicks Parodies

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Foster the people, is one of the most unique bands out there getting radio plays these days.  They make a point to not type cast themselves, and each song on their album is seemingly vastly different from the rest of the bunch.

Pumped up kicks is an extremely polarizing song, as the lyrics tell an all too familiar tale of kids, violence and all set to a soft pop song that at first listen might get your foot tapping before you realize what it’s actually about.

Today we’re going to see what the webs top parody master minds can do with the concepts laid out by the cowboy kids who wrote Pumped up Kicks.

Here’s the original.

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks – Original

The original video itself doesn’t give too much to go off of, just some candid footage and concert shots. So I guess these viral video virtuoso’s can come up with.


5) The Key of Awesome! : Hollywood Chicks

I’m almost too ashamed to even put this one on the list. Key of awesome is usually the closest to parody the original video (visually at least), and for that I appreciate what they do. This video however…

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a racist duck before, but holy crap nuts, this is the most offensive Asian stereotyping I’ve seen since ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’. So I think just for being that ballsy they get on the list… but please feel free to


4) WinterSpringPro: Hipster Kids

This actually seems more like a documentary than a parody, but I dig the production value and hipstagram effect used on the video. At least these guys have their theme down, even though I don’t believe that they had too put to much effort in to wardrobe 😉


3) homeworksuckscheese: Pedovan

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit, this isn’t a full song and it has absolutely no production value to it what so ever… but it is completely the creepiest of all the videos I’ve seen today, and it disturbed me to no end. Also I’m still not sure if that kid is a girl or a boy. But I did find the last too lines of their parody to be pretty hilarious, and the thought of this song as a completed piece is enough to get it in to the number 3 slot.


2) ScreenTeamShow: Fast Food Fix!

This one actually gets higher marks because it’s both a parody video and a prank video squished in to one, and we can’t get enough Angie being embarrassed.


1) BreakOriginals : Netflix Fail Song

Kicking it in to the top slot, and featuring Luke from Barats and Bereta, this parody by I’m super glad to see break doing more and more original comedy and moving away from fail videos and pranks. Maybe it’s just me, but I abhorre fail prank videos… that’s like fart jokes, or puns… or knock knock jokes about farts.

So if only to encourage Break to do more videos of this caliber, and to feature more girls in a Netflix bikini, I grant this video the coveted number one slot.

Header image (Source) by Jason Persse