Teenagers Are Constantly Jumping

According to stock photography.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Teens are so predictable. Typical teen activities include going to the mall, skateboarding in the mall, and having underage sex after skateboarding in the mall, because that’s what turns them on. However, in the world of stock photography, teenagers do one activity more than anything else: jump in groups. Teens and their group jumping, am I right? Observe:


Teens Jumping In Limbo

Limbo is hella rad. [via]


Teens Jumping In The Sky

Or were they pushed out of a plane? Either way: righteous. [via]


Teens Jumping In Muted Colors

Those teen outfits are cool, but also friendly looking and contain no copyrighted artwork. Yay! [via]


Teens Jumping In Limbo: Part 2

“If we keep jumping, will we eventually escape our white pergatory?” [via]


Teens Jumping At The Beach

Jumping teenagers eventually turn rocks into sand, and that’s how beaches are created. [via]


Teens Are Jumping Out of Sync

“Could I just… y’know… balance on one leg or something?” [via]


Teens Jumping In Limbo: Part 3

They’re only a few feet away from Mac and PC. [via]


Teens Jumping In The Sky: Part 2

I think that one guy on the left is actually 47. [via]


Teens Jumping In The Reverse Angle

Mind. Blown. [via]


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