Jennifer Lopez IS Carmen Sandiego! (Maybe)

Jenny from the Block signs up to produce and possibly star in a feature film based on an educational video game series.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Fair warning: You are not allowed to read the rest of this news story without playing the following video in the background.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? was an enormously popular video game from the 1980s and 1990s that taught kids geography by forcing them to look up "clues" to the nefarious title character's whereabouts using a big honking almanac that came packed with the game. Although (obviously) dated these days, it was an unusually fun educational game that spawned a game show, an animated series, a host of video game sequels, and a hit song by Rockapella (above). It may be the catchiest tune ever conceived by man. And now, at last, Carmen Sandiego is going to be a movie.

Deadline reports that Walden Media, the company that brought you the Chronicles of Narnia movies and other family-friendly fare like Journey to the Center of the Earth and (shudder) Tooth Fairy, has teamed with Jennifer Lopez to bring Carmen Sandiego to life at a theater near you. Lopez will produce the film, which is reportedly being developed as a potential star vehicle for the actress/musician/American Idol judge. The hope is to turn the film into a franchise, like "National Treasure meets The Thomas Crown Affair." Which is… interesting. The Thomas Crown Affair had an awful lot of nudity in it…

The plot, as planned, will feature the world's greatest detective, Carmen Sandiego, betraying the ACME agency, forcing her protege to track her across the world and determine whether the sticky-fingered filcher has indeed gone rogue, or if a greater conspiracy is at work.

Honestly? Could be fun. Lopez would look great in the red fedora, wouldn't she? Plus, it comes with two great theme songs. Not just the game show theme, but the opening credits song from Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? as well. The title sequence includes Sandiego stealing King Tut's tomb with a jet pack, so… awesome.

CraveOnline will return with more Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego new as soon as we find out where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…