THE EVENT 1.20 ‘One Will Live, One Will Die’

Simon and Blake team up to save the President while Sean and VIcky try to disrupt an alien plot at a local shopping mall.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "One Will Live, One Will Die"

Writer: David Schulner
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Previously on "The Event":

Sean "Jack Bauer-light" Walker (Jason Ritter) and Vicky "My Motivation Makes No Sense" Roberts (Taylor Cole) boarded an airplane heading towards the U.S. which had an alien sleeper agent traveling with a sample of the Spanish Flu. And although Vicky was able to get someone in Homeland security to send fighter jets to escort the plane into custody, Sophia (Laura Innes) countered by using her influence on human worm and acting U.S. President, Raymond Jarvis (Bill Smitrovich) to get him to call off the jets. When the plane landed, Sean and Vicky spotted the alien courier, Alexandra (Angela Gots).

But when Sean and Vicky tried to follow her, Alexandra's partner ambushed Sean and forced Vicky to let them go. Meanwhile, CIA Director Blake Sterling (Ċ½eljko Ivanek) decided that despite his lack of concrete evidence, now was the perfect time to confront Jarvis over his poisoning of President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood). Naturally, this outburst cost him his job. Back at the alien compound, Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) finally convinced Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson) to help him escape with a cure for Martinez. However, Michael was shot and killed in the attempt and Simon left Michael's daughter, Leila (Sarah Roemer) behind as the aliens closed in on them.

Sophia's forces capture Leila and confirm that Michael is dead. But they also realize that Simon got away with the antidote as they start to evacuate alien acres. Sophia then calls Jarvis and orders him to help her find and stop Simon with his full resources. Carlos (Jose Zuniga) and Dr. Lu (Alexandra Bokyun) also go over plans with Sophia to take the Spanish flu out for a test drive before using it to depopulate the world. Meanwhile, Sean and Vicky track Alexandra's rental car to a shopping mall and quickly determine that the aliens are going to expose the mall patrons to the flu.

Around the same time, Simon interrupts Blake's attempt to slowly go mad by offering to team up and save Martinez. But it turns out the CIA is already outside Blake's home and ready to arrest them. Out of nowhere, the cops suddenly show up in response to a  911 call and delay the CIA agents long enough for Blake and Simon to get away. Seriously, in what world is the police response time 90 seconds?! Now suddenly bosom buddies again, Blake and Simon agree to approach Martinez' wife, Christina (Lisa Vidal) to slip her the cure. Shortly thereafter, Jarvis' men intercept a scrambled 24 second phone call from Blake to Christina. Jarvis instantly grabs his Presidential coat to go see the First Lady..

Under Sean's direction, Vicky tries to evacuate the mall first by pulling the fire alarm and then by taking a security guard hostage. For his part, Sean runs up stairs and escalators to catch Alexandra on the roof, hooking up a device designed to spread the Spanish Flu into the air supply. He tries to shoot her, but he gets stuck in the most awkward gun battle ever with Alexandra's partner, Roman (Charles Halford). By remote cameras, Sophia recognizes Sean and interrogates Leila about how much she told him. But Leila refuses to cooperate. Back in Washington, Jarvis tries to make Christina believe that Blake poisoned her husband… but it's pretty obvious that Blake got to her first.

Using a tip from Christina, Jarvis assembles the cabinet and confirms Blake and Simon's presence in a warehouse before ordering a drone to destroy it. I'm fairly certain that's highly illegal, but only the general resigns immediately in protest. But upon inspection of the warehouse, Jarvis' men confirm that Simon and Blake made it out alive. And then we see Simon pass off the cure to Christina in the hospital gift shop. See? I told you! And as Jarvis wipes his sweaty brow, Christina administers the cure to Martinez. Back at the shopping mall, Sean and Vicky manage to kill Roman (actually, Vicky did most of the work there) and run off Alexandra… leaving them with no way to disarm the device she left behind.

With only seconds left to stop the air bomb, Sean SHOOTS IT. I repeat, he shot the f***ing bomb. That's brilliant, dumba**. Only on "The Event" would that ever work. Meanwhile, Alexandra exposes the people on a mall bus to the flu and drives their bodies back to Sophia. The aliens then get the bright idea to infect Leila and use her hybrid status to make the virus stronger and able to infect more people across the world.


Wow, "The Event" is really pushing Sean and Vicky together as a couple. First by Vicky's inexplicable attraction to Sean which prevented her from saving the world last week and now by infecting Sean's actual girlfriend with a fatal virus so it won't be so bad when he starts dating other people. But I'm sure that the producers will give Sean the appropriate time to grieve and not have him kiss Vicky until early next season.

Oh wait… there probably won't be a next season.

In fact, I'd like to start a new drinking game for "The Event." Every time the show drops a plotline and never mentions it again, take a drink. For starters, when is the last time anyone even mentioned "The Event" by name in the show? How did Sean get off the cruise ship and on to the airplane with knowledge of Michael's assassination plan in the pilot episode? What exactly did Dempsey do to those hybrid girls to make their faces look old? And does anyone even remember Michael's other daughter, Samantha?

The sad joke of it is that the second half of the season has been much better than the first, with an almost coherent story that actually managed to finally pull Sean into the A-plot three episodes ago. It's too bad that both Sophia and Jarvis are two of the least appealing villains I've ever seen on network television. Sophia's shrill voice and inconsistent character have put me off of her. And I'm not sure there are words to describe how just hammy Bill Smitrovich is as Jarvis. I understand why they're in those roles. There's basically no one else left on the show who could fill that void. But when a series doesn't even have a villain you love to hate, that's a big a problem.

For the entire year, Sean Walker has been pushed down our throats as the everyman hero. It's unintentionally hilarious to see him running around with a gun as if he knows what he's doing with it. The gun battle in this episode was really embarrassing to watch with other people. I can explain away alien plotlines a lot easier than s***y action and writing. Only "Sledge Hammer" and "The Naked Gun" could have gotten away with their heroes successfully shooting a bomb to disarm it. And those are comedies!

Even when "The Event" is trying to be clever and get a step on the audience (for example, the trick Christina, Simon and Blake pulled on Jarvis), it immediately seems obvious and just makes the audience wait for the show to catch up to us instead of the other way around. That sequence badly needed a twist we couldn't see coming from a mile away.

Truthfully, I do enjoy "The Even" on a pure dumb entertainment level. And as previously noted, there's been noticeable improvement. But it's probably not enough to save this show or give it another season on NBC.

Crave Online Rating: 6.5 out of 10.