Dean Koontz’ ‘Twilight Eyes’ Heads To Starz

The upstart cable network will produce a miniseries based on the original novel.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Although writer Dean Koontz is said to be very weary of Hollywood adaptations of his books, it appears that Starz has found a way to end his self-imposed ten year exile from TV.

According to Deadline, Starz is planning an event miniseries to adapt Koonzt' 1985 novel, "Twilight Eyes."

As in the original story, "Twilight Eyes" will follow Slim MacKenzie, a man who uses his psychic powers to hunt down monsters who can mimic the appearance of humans. Koontz previously expressed interest in adapting "Twilight Eyes" for TV during the '90s, but the networks reportedly balked at his preferred six to eight hour running time.

For the current incarnation, "Twilight Eyes" is being written and developed by Stephen Tolkin, who adapted Koontz' novels "Intensity" and "Mr. Murder" as TV movies during the late '90s. Tolkin was recruited to the project by Koontz' former WMA agent, Rob Lee; who currently runs his own production company at Bayonne Entertainment.

Because the events of the novel take place in the early '80s, the new "Twilight Eyes" will be tweaked to take place in the present day. The project is also reportedly in "high-priority development" at Starz.

A feature film adaptation of Koontz' novel "Old Thomas" is also currently in the works from writer and director, Stephen Sommers, with Tim Robbins, William Dafoe and Anton Yelchin attached to star.