NHL Teams Coming To Winnipeg And Quebec City?

These Canadian cities sure hope so!

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

There are currently six Canadian teams in the NHL (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton), however both Winnipeg and Quebec City are pushing to get back teams in their respective cities.

In fact, Quebec City seems to be banking on getting a team – they're in the midst of building a $400-million (yep- $400 mil) hockey arena in their city. Good or bad idea? Some people (like the residents there, who are footing the bill) think it's a tad premature.

True, Quebec City is putting in a bid for the 2022 Winter Games and a state-of-the-art hockey-calibre arena could be an attractive draw. And yes, rumours are swirling that Celine Dion's hubby Rene Angelil has been in talks to possibly bid on a Quebec team. But this is all just hear-say – nothing has been written in stone.

Quebec City used to have an NHL team, the Nordiques, which became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995. Winnipeg was in a similar boat – their Jets moved on to become the Phoenix Coyotes after hitting a financial roadblock back in 1996. Eight Canadian teams in the league quickly became six in less than a year, and now those respective cities are itching with hockey fever once again.

Some critics are arguing that Quebec City and Winnipeg each had a chance to have a NHL team and blew it, so it's time for a new city to have a shot at it, like Las Vegas. Mark Donatiello of The Faster Times wrote, "Las Vegas would be the perfect home for the Phoenix Coyotes. The city of Las Vegas has been begging for a major sports team for years. An NHL team would be a perfect fit.

However, residents in both Quebec City and the 'Peg have been holding various events and rallies to try and round up support and bring the NHL back to their hometowns.