Review: War of the Green Lanterns Part 5

Green Lantern Corps #59 puts Earth's GL quartet into new colors and pits a wounded Ganthet against the entire legion of Emerald Knights.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern Corps 59

War! What is it Good for? Absolutely nothing!

Well, except for some really great Green Lantern action. I’m still not a big fan of the idea of another Green Lantern epic event, but the story itself is pretty awesome. Green Lantern Corps #59 aka War Of The Green Lanterns part five; is a full on action epic. If this issue were a movie it would be Predator or Commando because it just doesn’t let up. Writer Tony Bedard, who has been helming GLC since issue #48, really rises to the occasion here. He understands that while Geoff Johns is handling the more cerebral aspects of War Of The Green Lanterns, somebody has to inject the action and what better way to do that then open the title with Ganthet taking on every single member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Now, before you read any further you must make a choice. Either prepare for spoilers or read Green Lantern #65 first. You have been warned.

As Ganthet slugs it out with the Corps, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rainer and John Stewart are dealing with their decision in Green Lantern #65 to don the rings of the Lanterns sucked into the Book Of Black. Gardner now wears red, Jordan yellow, Rainer blue and Stewart Indigo. As the four try and master the rings in order to help Ganthet, they find just how hard this decision will be on them. It’s a nice little dramatic twist that adds desperation to the situation.

The best part of this issue is watching Ganthet throw down. Thus far Ganthet has been a philosophical Lantern, approaching problems using intellect over brute force. We’ve never been privy to how powerful a Guardian can be, much the way we didn’t know Yoda could wield a light saber until he unleashed on Count Dooku in Episode II. When Ganthet fires off on all cylinders to stop these possessed Lanterns, it’s almost shocking but totally believable. Bedard writes the action as though the Guardian-turned-Lantern has been holding back, so when the end game comes it is completely believable. I have one word for the cliff hanger; Mogo.

While Bedard keeps the action flowing, the real star in issue #59 is artist Tyler Kirkham and colorists Nei Ruffino and Rod Reis. Each panel is rich with detail, from small things to add mood to giant action sequences. Kirkham attacks this issue from a cinematic standpoint, pretending that each panel is a new shot. It makes him focus as much on the backgrounds of the scene as the focal point. There are really nice dramatic touches throughout the issue, great uses of other characters and shadow as well.

Ruffino and Reis are on point as well with the colors. The risk of doing Green Lantern books for a colorist is getting carried away. If there isn’t control in the colors, the issue will become over saturated and lose focus. In issue #59 the colors are perfectly balanced and adds richness to the story. DC may blow War Of The Green Lanterns with the ending, but for know it’s a neat little action gem.