Is Nintendo Preparing to Announce a New HD Console?

Multiple sources within the industry are saying "Yes, yes they are!"

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Let’s not start freaking out just yet. Hysteria can be avoided because this is still officially rumor status at the moment. With that disclaimer out of the way, Game Informer is reporting that anonymous sources close to Nintendo have informed the magazine about an incoming Nintendo announcement for a brand new console. A console that will finally thrust Nintendo into the HD era. The goal of the new system — outside competing with Sony and Microsoft in the HD hardcore market-space — is to once again gain the trust of third-party publishers and developers. For too long now Nintendo has been known as a company where only first-party titles succeed, stemming from the widely known fact that Nintendo sucks at supporting their third-party partners.

In an effort to change that stigma with their new console, Nintendo is already busy shopping around to third party developers to garner interest in the new console and to give them plenty of lead way to develop titles for the system in order to hit its targeted late 2012 launch. The real kicker, however, is that Nintendo may be revealing this new console as early as E3 this June.

IGN also has a few sources whispering into their ear about the Wii 2 HD (or whatever it winds up being called), saying Nintendo will be releasing a pre-announcement this month and that the system will be backwards compatible with current Wii titles. Game Informer’s post cannot confirm or deny that fact.

So what do you think? Is a successor to the Wii on the way? I think I can speak for every gamer out there when I say that Nintendo moving into the HD era is a good thing, as it will allow the company the ability to feature more AAA titles on their console outside the standard in-house mascot variety. But even if it’s not coming out till 2012, do you want another HD console? What say you?!


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